Create Tab Groups in Android’s Chrome Browser

Recently, Google has been working on a lot features to increase user experience on Chrome. They have included another feature of tab group in Android’s Chrome browser. 

“Tab groups”, is one of the best features launched by Chrome as it allows users to be more organized. This feature allows you bunch up your tabs into more useful chunks rather than randomly scattering them across your browser or on your phone, on separate pages. In order to access this unique feature today, you will have to enable a semi-hidden flag in your browser.   

How to Create Tab Groups in Android’s Chrome Browser? 

The process of creating tab groups is not difficult, start by making sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome on your Android device that is updatable via the Google Play Store.  

Then, simply launch the browser and enter this into the address bar: chrome://flags 

You’ll be taken to a screen; 

Search for “Tab Grid,” tap on the drop-down for the Tab Grid Layout flag, then select the regular “Enabled” option. Then, relaunch Chrome and tap on the box to the right side of your address bar to open up a few new tabs. Now, you’ll see that they’re now organized in a grid layout.  

How do you group these tabs? 

 It’s very easy. All you have to do is to simply long-press on one and drag it over another. Repeat this process to add more tabs to your tab group. 

You can also tap into the group itself and use the “+” icon to add new tabs within it whatever fits in. 

If you want to group multiple tabs at once then, tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner of this screen and select the new Group tabs option. Then, you’ll be able to just tap on all the free tabs you want to arrange in a group, and then tap the Group button to make them become new friends. 

Finally, if you long-press on any hyperlink in a normal Chrome window, you’ll see the option to open the new tab in a group. Tap it, and the original page you were viewing will now be grouped together with the new link you long-pressed, and you’ll see icons for both at the bottom of your Chrome browser.  

This is the easy method for navigating between tabs in your group, and you can also use the “+” icon to the right to quickly add more tabs. 

If you don’t like the grid layout or tab groups, you can always disable the feature again using the same Tab Grid Layout flag as before. Simply set it to “disabled,” and your browser will revert to the way it was before. 

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Customer story: Jack’s Diving Locker

Jack’s Diving Locker, a scuba diving and snorkel educational facility, uses Microsoft 365 Business to securely run their business and to streamline their outreach efforts. Since adopting a cloud-based security and communication solution, its founders have grown their business from five sets of gear and a Volkswagen van to a company with two retail stores and five boats at two harbors. They use security tools, like Microsoft Intune, to protect company data and devices and to ensure that business is conducted securely and efficiently. With help from Microsoft 365 Business, Jack’s Diving Locker has expanded into a global ocean conservation and education company, teaching people all over the world to preserve and protect our oceans.

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Microsoft announces “double its efforts”.

Prioritizing accessibility and closing the disability gap

Microsoft in the week declared a commitment to additional improve accessibility in technology and different areas.

Microsoft declared associate bold five-year set up that guarantees to “create a lot of opportunities for folks with disabilities” not solely in technology, however additionally within the force and work. The set up is almost a year once they introduced an equivalent bold “accessibility evolution model”, that relies on the training results antecedently hold on in-house.

The overall goal of Microsoft’s set up is to bridge the “disability gap”, that is actually associate existing barrier, that is an element of the system’s capabilities and frequently hinders folks with disabilities from achieving success and turning into members of society.

This includes areas like employment and education, that isn’t stunning in nowadays, and is basically driven by technology created by Microsoft, Apple and different corporations.
The company same that the set up is technology-driven and can cowl each corner of its business.

The author of the post, President Brad Smith, wrote that there square measure 3 goals for achieving Microsoft’s goals.

  • 1. promote the event of barrier-free technologies throughout the trade and also the economy.
  • 2. use the aforesaid helpful technologies to make a lot of opportunities for the disabled to enter the market.
  • 3. build a a lot of force as well as disabled employees.

All these tasks square measure reticular. Unless we have a tendency to attract a lot of folks with disabilities to play a larger role in serving to them develop, we are going to not be ready to produce following generation of accessible technologies.

we want to make associate comprehensive work To cultivate this type of talent. A powerful foundation can enable United States of America to implement the philosophy of’ designed accessibility’ not just for Microsoft merchandise, however additionally for tools and services that support code developers and vendors round the world.

In terms of technology, Microsoft these days declared varied new options in its workplace 365 productivity suite that use computer science to form it easier for folks with disabilities to use the code.

These enhancements embrace the detection and conversion of heading designs in Word for blind and low-vision users, a navigation pane to assist screen readers navigate spreadsheets in surpass, and automatic subtitles for LinkedIn Live broadcasts.

In addition, introduce low-contrast themes for people with light-weight sensitivity, and a lot of accessible themes are provided later.

In the long run, the company’s set up is to encourage folks with disabilities and create them very helpful and differentiate their experience.

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How to Change Your YouTube Channel’s Name?

Do you want to change your YouTube channel’s name without messing up your Google account?

YouTube is now encouraging YouTube content creators to alter the name of their channel and profile picture without impacting their related Google Accounts. Prior to this move, a YouTube channel’s branding was linked to the user’s Google Account credentials, so if you wanted to upgrade your channel, you’d have to change your Google account’s name and profile picture.

Your Google Account and YouTube channel will now exist as distinct entities—you don’t have to show in Gmail as “SuperProGamingDudesVideos” or use your full name as the name of your YouTube channel if you don’t want to.

This is useful for distinguishing your personal and YouTube identity, but there are a few caveats that existing YouTube creators should be aware of:

  • Verification status would be removed if the name of a validated channel is changed. You can register for authentication again, but you’ll have to go through the same steps to reclaim your credential.
  • The custom URL of your channel would not change if the name of the channel is changed.
  • After changing the channel’s name, musical artists can retain the musical note symbols close to their branding.

The updated YouTube channel editing features are included on both the desktop and smartphone apps.

On a laptop, here’s how to change the branding of your YouTube channel:

  1. In your browser, go to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the sidebar menu, choose “Customization.”
  3. To upload a new profile photo, go to the “Branding” tab and press “Change” next to the current one.
  4. To edit your channel’s name, go to the “Basic info” tab and press the pencil icon next to its name.
  5. To save your changes and update your channel’s details, click “Publish.”

How to change the branding of your YouTube channel on Android/iOS:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the YouTube app, press your profile shot.
  2. Select “Your channel.”
  3. Select “Edit channel.”
  4. Change the name of your channel and/or the profile photos.
  5. Save the changes.

Sign in to and update your name or profile icon from the “Personal data” page if you wish to change your Google Account details but not your YouTube Channel’s.

Social media marketing has become one of the trending strategies of marketing in the current era. Businesses and even individuals with some sort of skill set can advertise your business on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google +.

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Microsoft Edge adds a useful kid’s mode that Google Chrome should add too

Microsoft Edge quickly skyrocketed to the second-most popular desktop browser after switching to Chromium, an equivalent engine that powers Google Chrome.

Since its debut, Microsoft Edge has added many useful new features including, today, the debut of a Kids Mode with parental controls.

Microsoft Edge users on Windows and Mac OS can now use “Child Mode”, which should allow parents to allow their children under 12 to access the Internet, but in a safe way, while also making the browser accessible to everyone is useful.

This works by adding a profile for the kid with restrictions supported if they’re between 5 and eight or 8 and 12.

Both age ranges turn Edge’s settings to the very best level of tracking protection also as keeping Bing’s Safe Search at its highest filter for adult text, images, and videos.

There is also an allow list that oldsters can add sites to, and Microsoft sets 70 popular sites for youngsters thereon allow list by default.

As the Verge points out, the youngsters Mode in Microsoft Edge also disables some common keyboard shortcuts that might enable kids to urge back to normal browsing, though that only works on Windows.

Both versions of the browser would require your system credentials to modify from Kids Mode back to normal browsing.

There also are some features beyond just blocking sites. Kids Mode has custom themes, including some created with characters from Disney and Pixar films like Finding Nemo as seen below.

Microsoft calls this feature a “game changer” for folks and it’s hard to afflict that conclusion.

This is a simple and useful gizmo for folks to offer their children safe screen time, something that’s especially important because the pandemic rages on.
It’s a feature we’d like to see Google adopt in Chrome. Or, rather, it’s just the newest neat Microsoft Edge feature we’d love Chrome to adopt.

Technically, Chrome’s Google account hosted via the parent does have some limited parent controls, but it’s not as convenient and fast as Edge provides.

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How to Use Google Assistant to Locate Your iPhone

Your conflicting gadgets are about to become a bit more collaborative if you live in a house with split geek loyalties. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, find my cell” to send a critical-level message to your lost iPhone, causing it to ring for 25 seconds or until the message is deleted, on Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers. 

Since critical warnings override a device’s alarm settings, the iPhone can ring even though it’s set to silence or in Do Not Disturb mode. 

The smart speaker provision does make Google Assistant’s Find My Phone feature on iOS more limited than it is on Android, which allows users to search for their smartphone from either web browser or secondary device connected to their Google account

Fortunately, Apple’s Find My app does exactly the same thing and can be accessed from either Apple smartphone or the iCloud website. 

Even, telling your Google Home speaker to ring your iPhone is easier than tabbing on an app or website to do so remotely.  

You’ll need the Google Home app on your iPhone and at least one Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker connected to your account to use the Find My Phone feature of Google Assistant on iOS. After that, you must allow Google Assistant’s “Voice Match” and sign in to reminders and vital alerts from Google Home. 

To allow Critical Alerts in the Google Home iOS app, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications in the Google Home version. 
  1. Check the “Turn on Notifications” is turned on. (If you don’t see this alternative, alerts are already turned on, and you can go straight to Step 5.) 
  1. In the iOS Settings programme, tap “Go to settings” to access Google Home’s notification menu. 
  1. Enable “Allow Notifications” under “Notifications.” 
  1. Go to Settings > Alerts General notifications in the Google Home interface. 
  1. Critical alerts” should be allowed. The Google Home app will now send you important notifications. 

If you haven’t done so before, customize Google Assistant’s Voice Match: 

  1. Tap the Google account profile button in the Google Home app
  1. Select Assistant settings > Voice match > Add a computer from the drop-down menu. 
  1. Choose the devices you’d like to use the “Find my phone” option on, then follow the on-screen instructions. 

If the Voice Matching process is complete, you can ask Google Assistant to locate your iPhone by saying, “Hey Google, find my phone.” This only works if your iPhone is turned on and linked to the internet through WIFI or cell data. 

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